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Nanoleaf Essentials Matter A19 | B22 Smart Bulb (3 Pack)

Product Overview

Enjoy bright whites and endless colors with this Thread and Matter-enabled smart color changing LED Light Bulb that's simple to set up, and easy to control.

Requires a Matter-compatible smart home hub for your desired ecosystem and a Thread border router. These requirements might be fulfilled by updating a smart home hub that you already have in your home. 

Examples of Matter-compatible smart home hubs include but are not limited to: - Apple HomePod mini, Apple TV 4K (2nd generation) and (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Ethernet - Google Home Mini, Nest Mini, Nest Hub (1st and 2nd gen), Nest Hub Max Examples of Thread border routers include but are not limited to: - Apple HomePod mini, Apple TV 4K (2nd generation) and (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Ethernet - Google Nest Hub (2nd gen), Nest Hub Max - Nanoleaf Lines, Shapes & Elements

What's in the Box?

  • [3] Matter A19 | B22 Smart Bulb

Customer Reviews

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Paul Barry

Serious software improvements needed, very disappointed by how essentially dumb these “smart” lights are. The thread network is unstable, bulbs default to Bluetooth, and the matter integration with HomeKit is rubbish. Hopefully will be improved with future updates, and I’d be happy to re-rate then, but for the moment they’re just regular bulbs really.

Emiliano Campuzano
Don’t buy, customer service is non existent

Had a problem and asked for a refund, my refund never came.

Terrible Matter bulbs

These things are terrible.
Matter over thread on these is simply trash. I have them connected to my border routers (Amazon Echo Gen 4) which are within 60cms of the bulbs, and they simply don't work. They keep becoming unresponsive and unable to be used. This is an issue for ALL my Nanoleaf Matter lights (B22, GU10 and light strip). These things fail at the main thing they should be doing.

Speaking to support is useless. They simply don't reply to your emails. So I am basically left with useless lights. Gonna get a refund via my Credit Card company.


Super Produit. Grande plage de réglage de couleurs. Puissante.


The experience is so bad I'm not sure where to start !
The nanoleaf app doesn't connect remotely or have scheduling... which are basic features I've had on my very old Philips hue lights for years!
The entire purpose of MATTER is that everything should be able to talk to everything else, regardless of the vendor... Well now, this is the complete opposite of that !!!
I had to wait weeks after purchasing for software updates just to get the bulbs into the Google home app on my iPhone - To accomplish this "magical" feat i had to reset and delete the bulbs from nanoleaf app -> Then Add to google home using the QR code -> Then Re-Add to nanoleaf app using QR code again -> Then Re-Add to the Windows Desktop app with the 11-digit code.
The bulbs still refuse to be added to Apple homekit no matter (Gettit "MATTER" !!) what i do!
To keep track of the bulbs and their codes you would need to create a spreadsheet... Its nonsensical.
The other glitches and abnormalities are too numerous and random to list here.

I didn't have to do any of this with Philips hue bulbs - everything just connected - apps just registered the bulbs from one to the next and off i went !

Sorry for this trouble We will make sure we help you with this! The New Matter enabled lights work over Thread. So they require a Matter-compatible smart home hub and a Thread border router. There were also firmware updates recently that should help with making sure they work better. We're always working to improve everything from the technical and the user experience perspective, so those things are only going to get better over time. As for Matter, that's partially still a mystery in the hands of the big players, but for our part we're going to make sure again that everyone has the best experience possible. We will be reaching out to you via email to help troubleshoot with this, so please check your mail in a couple of days



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