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Nanoleaf Skylight Starter Kit

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Product Description:

"Modular flush-mounted smart ceiling light panels that take your lighting to new heights. Mimic the effect of the natural sky with Nanoleaf Skylight's diffused multi-point lighting and expand your layout with additional panels to capture the full skylight experience.

- Bright Functional Lighting
- Cool & Warm Whites (2600K - 6500K)
- 16M+ Colors with Dynamic Scenes
- Hard-wire one main panel, and extend with up to 99 more."

What's in the box

1x    Main Controller Panels
2x    Expansion Panels
1x    Quick Start Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Nick Boyens
Not certified for New Zealand

Beware, Nanoleaf Skylights are not certified for use in New Zealand. Our electrician will not install them without the correct electrical certification. Nanoleaf did respond to questions about this but are noncommittal on when certification will happen. Very disappointing that they are actively selling these into NZ without this!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We are actively working towards obtaining certification for New Zealand and we appreciate your patience. We see that we have certifications from New Zealand for If you have any further concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team.

Roger Kant
Great product but expensive and could be better engineered

Love the look and performance of these lights but engineering is cheap and could be improved especially given the price. Fantastic lights and functionality is great but substantial room for better engineering. The base could have been much more robust than the thin molded styrenic used. Likely limited functional difference but still these are expensive. A paper or thin card template would be great to speed install. The plastic plasterboard screws are shocking quality, a cheap and brittle plastic, prone to breakage when you screw them into plaster. Ended up replacing them with DIY store generic plasterboard screws that actually survived being screwed into plasterboard. Still love the product.

Alexander Ellis

My Nanoleaf Skylight is gorgeous. Highly recommend.

Lee Bramley
Nanoleaf sky light

What can I say about SKY LIGHT for me it’s excellent i purchase starter kit then 2 more additional from amazon just because i used gift card from Xmas. Would definitely recommend

Siobhan Ellis
Great package and easy to install, but doesn't support Apple Adaptive Lighting.

I was actually surprised about how big the area is that is covered, so plan carefully. Was easy to install except I'd say the natural. place to open the pack is at the back, and you need to install the one at the front first.... so watch out for that!

The light is very bright, which is great as our previous light was not bright enough.

Only downside is that it does not support Apple Adaptive Lighting. This means that when I go to the bathroom at night, because my automation is done by Homekit, it was initially a very white light. Not good, as it should be more yellow.



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