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Nanoleaf Light Panels | Rhythm Edition

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Nanoleaf Light Panels | Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit

The Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit transforms your favorite songs into dancing symphonies of color and light. Create the perfect ambience in any space.

  • Included Rhythm Upgrade Module has built-in sound sensors to automatically pick up on audio
  • Razer Chroma integration available - sync up the Light Panels with Razer gear for your most immersive gamine experience yet
  • Connect up to 30 Light Panels on one Controller
  • Customize colors and animations with the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App or in the Home App in iOS10+
  • Also controllable with the manual Controller and voice control (Siri, OK Google or Amazon Alexa).

Includes everything to get started: Rhythm Module, Light Panels, linkers, mounting stencils and mounting strips. Works with iOS8 or later (HomeKit), Android 5 or later and Google Assistant, Apple Home App, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT.

Customer Reviews

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Shafted by local supplier

I bought 2 packs of the light panel smarter kits. I quite like the product but unfortunately the Australian supplier I got them off sent me a used box which had no sticky tabs and some of the connectors were bent and broken. The box even contained random Google Chrome paraphernalia, it was so used. I've contacted them (JB HiFi) but no response yet. I'd been looking forward to the day I'd get my hands on Nanoleaf so it was really disappointing that I couldn't set them up. I went and bought my own sticky tabs today but can't do much about the broken connectors. This review is more to let you know that some of your suppliers are giving you a bad name. Cheers.

The smart lighting kit you never knew you needed

WOW is the first thing that pops to mind when you turn these beauties on.

We got 3 starter kits, so had (we thought) quite a large number of modules to play with. WRONG!! You set it up, and you just want more and more and more.. could get expensive this game!

Very responsive, very clever, and VERY bright.. the videos and pictures taken of it never seem to do it justice of how bright these things really are.

The app is ok, but could be a little more obvious, but after some time you can get it working fairly easily, but there seems to be a lot more that can be done.

Can be used great as normal lights, as art, for sound.. all this needs now is a visual module for tv!

Top quality product, doesn't feel cheap like it will break after a few months (ala kickstarter) and is very simple to use.

Great fun as well

Amazing, well worth it.

We fell in love with this system when we saw it at ABC Furniture in NYC and I had to have a set. I purchased the starter set and then immediately two more, and now one more. have it installed in the perfect location on the wall...can't wait for the remote and the music visualizer!!!!

I based the entire style of my room around these things!

I put 12 panels in a triangle shape on my wall. From that part on I started customising everything in my room around them. Stars on the wall to make them look like mountains, black light pointed at it so it glows off or on, pretty lights everywhere!

Once I get an apartment I'm going to buy 15 (or 50) more :).


These panels are super easy to set up, Also the colour of the LEDs are just amazing. very deep blue and very green! Which is hard to do for some older LED-based lights. Extremely happy with them so far! can't wait to get more panels and add to my setup.



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