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Nanoleaf Lines Squared Expansion Pack (3 Lines)

Expansion Pack for Lines Squared Smarter Kit, includes square mounting connectors instead of hexagonal mounting connectors. Includes 3 Lines and mounting supplies. Connect up to 18 Lines with one Power Supply (for bigger layouts get an Add-on Power Supply from the Nanoleaf Shop). Please note, this is only an add-on Expansion Pack, requires Lines Smarter Kit to work.

What's in the Box?

3x Light Lines
Square Mounting Connectors
Mounting Tape

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Molasi alagozlu
I love it

Looks really good on my wall , i like it a lot

Brenden Beadle
The perfect addition

The Nanoleaf expansion is great I just wish you could buy the 90° lines connectors separately like you can with the 60° ones

RJ Dwyer

Not sure why it took Nanoleaf so long to develop these, they were sorely needed in the past. They function just like the standard junction blocks, which means you should expect the cover retainers to break if you so much as look at them wrong, and Nanoleaf does not over replacement covers sold separately. I’m left with glue or tape to keep my extremely expensive lighting system in held together. The adaptive lighting system is completely non-functional even when allowing for the lengthy calibration process that is called for. The insult to injury is that I got an email prompt to review this product, which I purchased only three weeks ago, and I see that it’s on sale now. It’s over-priced even at the sale price so I’m overall highly disappointed.

Ethan Ryan
Overpriced junk

Horrible product. For the price you would think they would offer better customer support product turns on and that’s about it

Hello Ethan Ryan, we re sorry for the trouble you are having with your Nanoleaf Lines. We have had some updates recently that may have caused some issues, but they should all be resolved now. Is there anyway we can reach you again so we can help you with this?

Torrell Tafa
Super easy to install and works perfectly

Super easy to install and works perfectly



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