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Nanoleaf Essentials | E27 Bulb


Product Overview

All the beauty of Nanoleaf lighting, in a convenient RGBW smart lightbulb. A19 | A60 available now, with more coming soon.

What's in the Box?

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Nanoleaf Essentials products work over Bluetooth LE or Thread. Multiple lights can be grouped and operated together in the Nanoleaf App. Learn more at

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Some issues

Couple of issues with the bulb.
You CANT control the bulb if your not close to it UNLESS you have a HomePod or Apple TV set up on the network. so don’t bother automating it to turn off when you leave the house or when you arrive because you will be too far away for a connection to your phone.
The bulbs firmware has been on 1.2.13 and I’ve tried updating it 4 times but that doesn’t seem to work (still in 1.2.13 wants 1.6.41)
But other than that it has some nice scenes.
Maybe look at some other ones on the market.

Hey OG, Sorry if you are having so much trouble connecting your Nanoleaf A19 Bulbs. No worries! We should be able to assist you getting that done! Connectivity issues can have various reasons, but this is typically an issue particularly after switching WiFi Networks. There are some troubleshooting steps we can help you with that should resolve this. Is there anyway we can reach you or have you also reached out to our Support Team regarding this issue? Looking forward to hearing from you so we can take care of this together!

Constant Connection Issues

The lighting is good however unfortunately the connection to the product is very poor. I spent hours trying to pair to the light holding different devices right next to it until it finally decided to pair, only for it to tell me I needed to update the firmware. So of course I followed that process and the update would get to around 3 percent even after leaving it 'updating' for long periods of time next to the bulb just to say some sort of error connecting and to 'try again'. I am quite upset with this as there seems to be no way for it to ever work the way it should, I could never get it to pair with Google home either, and while in the app trying to turn it on and off and change colour/brightness etc (which is good on the rare occasion it works) however loses connection even while device is right next to the bulb. Not worth the time or the hassle by any means.

Highly recommended

I've tried other smart lights but this works very well with Apple-Home. Would love the see the Nanoleaf Bloom with unique designs brought back!

“Essentials” is the perfect name

I have 10 Essentials bulbs in my house and enjoy them very much. One of my oldest did start playing up, but NanoLeaf support was excellent and I received a replacement with minimum fuss.

Christopher R.
Doesn’t work!!

I’m sure these are great when they work, but I have been trying with support for over a month now to connect them with google and it still doesn’t work!



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