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Nanoleaf Remote

Effortless Control for Your Smarter Home

The Nanoleaf Remote is a sleek, dodecahedron-inspired Bluetooth HomeKit remote designed to enhance the smarter home experience and make controlling the Nanoleaf Light Panels and other HomeKit products even more convenient.

Each of the remote’s 12 sides can be easily programmed in the Nanoleaf App or the Apple Home app. You can fully customize your Nanoleaf Remote with any Light Panels or HomeKit scenes within the Nanoleaf app. The remote comes with pre-programmed scenes for each side so that it’s even ready to go out of the box.

Even better? Control the brightness of your Nanoleaf Light Panels by rotating the remote clockwise and counterclockwise. Now that's smart.

On iOS, the Nanoleaf Remote is a HomeKit experience and requires iOS8+ and a Home Hub (Apple TV, iPad, or HomePod). Note that making use of the rotate to brighten or dim feature also requires a Nanoleaf Rhythm (Apple HomeKit does not yet support this gesture natively).

On Android, the Nanoleaf Remote requires Android 5.01+ and a Nanoleaf Rhythm connected to your light panels.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1064 reviews

A fantastic tool to control your nanoleaf panels!


Utile e molto pratico


Sie funktioniert tadellos

difficult to set up

went through multiple usernames that were rejected. finally got that done now no response. instructions are horribly sketchy. may try again or just chunk the thing in the trash

Find it flaky and finicky

Neat idea but does not function well in my set-up. Had trouble pairing. Never saw "green" flash to pair, mine was red. The device did not appear in my Nanoleaf app for a long period of time. Finally, it did show up in my app and I was setting up the different scenes. I scrolled to one area in the app to look at something. App closed and now it does not recognize the device again. The remote still works with my light panels (if I put it to 1 it turns on, 12 turns off) but cannot set-up my scenes. I am afraid I would not recommend this product.