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Nanoleaf Remote

Product Overview

Our 12-sided smart home remote that works with Nanoleaf products and Apple HomeKit certified devices.

What's in the Box?

  • [1] Nanoleaf Remote
  • [2] AA NiMH Batteries
  • [1] Quick Start Guide
Learn more about the Nanoleaf Remote at Compatible with Nanoleaf Light Panels, Nanoleaf Canvas, and Nanoleaf Shapes.

Customer Reviews

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Good but slight overlook

On a whole this remote is fantastic and I've found it so reliable! even when the app isn't quite working, the remote is normally floorless! At first I thought it was a bit of a strange concept but after using it for about 6 months I completely get it! its excellent! The only problem I've recently discovered is that it does not fit some brands AA batteries. I use EBL rechargeable batteries and also tried Bonai AA aswell and neither fit, but Duracells do. My theory is that the AA storage bit was designed around a Duracell and they provided 0 wiggle room for any other AA batteries. both the EBL and Bonai have fit all other AA battery slots I've used them in just not this one which is a little annoying when I run on a rechargeable EBL set up but it's only a small inconvenience and other then this I have 0 problems with the device and I imagine 90% of users will use Duracells anyway. Overall 9/10 really happy with it just keep the batteries thing in mind

Awful shipping times

Nanoleaf never answers my emails or gets back to me on why products take a month to ship. I’m still waiting on an order from early December

Nanoleaf remote

Excellent product! Provides much needed ease of transition from one mode to the next without using your phone to navigate.

Awesome littke gadget!

Bought as a bit of a novelty item but actually find it quite a handy little bit of tech, using it daily now instead of the app. Hard not to go into full Goku mode when holding it ......

Never get the order! 😡

I never get my order and the support team answer me once say that i need to wait for them until they check what happened..
Any way it’s long time since i ordered and i’m very disappointed!

Customer Reviews

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